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C. M. Gleason is the award-winning, USA Today bestselling author of the Marina Alexander Adventures, and a forthcoming historical mystery series set to release in 2017.  The author lives in the Midwest United States and writes books in a variety of genres under a number of different pseudonyms. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the lost library of Ivan the Terrible real, or did you make it up?

Yes, the lost library of Ivan the Terrible is real. It hasn’t been seen since shortly after his death, but it did exist. There are many rumors about what happened to it—it may have been destroyed, it may still be in a vault somewhere in Moscow.

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The “birth story” about Lev…where did that come from?

The Tunguska Event of 1908 actually happened, and although many scientists believe the cause was related to an asteroid or piece of an asteroid hitting the earth, there is still some question. There is still mystery surrounding this event and its cause, as no one survived to tell about it. As to whether a baby was “born” during that time…well, that I don’t know. :-)

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What about the missing copper from Northern Michigan? Did that really exist?

Most geologists argue that it’s not really missing, and that if there were pre-historic European traders that came for the copper, it wasn’t in such great amounts. But there is some compelling evidence that suggests otherwise, including the fact that Nez Perce Indian Chief Joseph did, in fact, carry a piece of cuneiform text on a stone fragment in his medicine bag. This text has been dated to 2042 BC. Chief Joseph claimed it was from his ancestors. And then there are the round white stones found in Rock Lake in Wisconsin—I borrowed them for the cave discovered by Matt Granger, but many people believe those white stones, arranged so perfectly in large pyramids, suggest that there were, indeed, Europeans in North America long before is generally acknowledged.

In fact, the White Cloud People of Peru—a now-extinct white-skinned, blonde-haired tribe that died out in the 16th century—is certainly a possible explanation for the early European influence (as I have presented via Marina) in Amazon Roulette.

Additionally, scuba divers recently pulled two large ceramic jars from a 120-foot depth in Castine Bay in Maine. They appear to be ancient olive jars from the Iberian peninsula, potentially connects even further the Iberian Celts, the Phoenicians, and the Europeans of the Bronze Age.

Clearly, it’s possible Marina’s theory is correct.

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Do the beetles in Amazon Roulette really exist?

They, unfortunately, are of my own creation, although I am confident that, given the environment I created for them—in the damp copper temple created millennia ago—they could have evolved as they did in Amazon Roulette

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